Our Story

signSun Parlor Honey is a family owned and operated business located in the Cottam-area. Sun Parlor Honey is among the largest honey producers in the province. This year their 1,700 hives and 85 million bees will produce more than 80 tonnes of award winning Ontario honey.

If you live in Southern Ontario’s Essex County and enjoy produce, chances are it is one of Congdon’s 85 million bees that have pollinated it! In the spring, many of the Congdon’s hives are leased to local farmers who need the bees to pollinate their apple, plum, pear and cherry crops. Essex County cucumbers, melons and strawberries also rely on Congdon’s bees for a bountiful harvest. No wonder bees are such an important part of the regional economy.

Nutritious, healthy and tasty, Sun Parlor Honey honey has it all!

The Congdon family has been selling honey since 1925, but keeping bees since 1916. With three generations of Congdons active in the daily business, quality is kept to the highest standards.

At Sun Parlor Honey, they produce honey both in Essex County and north of Guelph in North Wellington County.  With production areas that are very different they have a large variety of floral sources.  This allows them to bring you the best of Ontario’s honey.

Visitors to the farm store can also sample this year’s honey.  Sun Parlor Honey always carries a fresh supply of their award winning honey in liquid, creamed and comb honey.  They also have a large selection of honey products, including beeswax and bee pollen, honey garlic sausages, candles, skin creams and Christmas baskets.

Even if you can’t visit the Cottam farm, look for the distinctive label of Congdon family’s ”Sun Parlor Honey”, available in stores throughout the region.