Bee Keeping Products

Sun Parlor Honey is not only a producer of top quality honey products, we are also sell bee keeping supplies. Below is a general list of the equipment we stock. From amature to professional we have everything you need. Contact us today so we may meet your specific needs.

  • Woodenware & Frames
  • Assorted Hive Parts
  • Foundation & Embedding Tools
  • Protective Clothing & Accessories
  • Beeyard Requirements
  • Medication & Chemicals
  • Feeding Equipment
  • Bee and Queens
  • Mite Control
  • Extraction Equipment & Supplies
  • Comb Honey Equipment
  • Queen Rearing
  • Excluders and Pollen Traps
  • Jars, Pails & Other Containers
  • Smokers
  • Honey Labels
  • Books
  • Bee keeping manuals